3 – 2 – 1 … finish

That is the plan for tomorrow, as we’ve reached the final day of the Techno293Plus European Championships. If all goes well we can have three races for the Youth Men Silver, two for the Youth Women and one for the Youth Men Gold fleets. That is the plan, but as always in sailing, we depend on the conditions.
Today in example we anticipated very light wind, if any at all. What happened exceeded all our expectations. Beautiful scenery, clear sky and up to 18 kts of breeze resulted in a splendid day. Four races were sailed by the Youth Men Gold and Youth Women, first on the M course and then the final race on the Square. The Youth Men Silver did three races back to back. 

It was the British ladies that put on a show, especially Islay Watson, who performed on the M course winning three. Her 38th place on the final race of the day will however have to be discarded. 

Giorgia Speciale, despite not putting on her usual dominant performance was able to secure her win in the regatta with two races to spare. Yet another stunning performance from Giorgia and for sure we’ll see a victory lap from her tomorrow.

Over in the men’s fleet it is still close and the fight for top position will be decided between Nicolo Renna from Italy and his French rivals Tom Garandeau, Yun Pouliquen and Fabien Pianazza.

Be sure to follow the tracking and live coverage as the regatta comes to an end tomorrow. First start 11:00

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